Preserving, protecting, & promoting Norfolk's historic cemeteries.

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As a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization, NSCC welcomes your support through contributions!

The conservation projects pictured on this page represent a portion of the conservation needs for the more than 350 acres that encompass Norfolk's historic municipal cemeteries. Every dollar counts. All funding goes directly to ongoing conservation projects within Norfolk's historic municipal cemeteries. Click on the Donate button below to make a tax-deductible contribution to the NSCC.

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Donations are Critical!

The City of Norfolk considers all monuments, statues, mausoleums, and tombs placed within its historic municipal cemeteries to be private property. Therefore, there is no funding to maintain and/or repair these objects of cultural heritage, art, and history.  Friends and families of the long deceased have moved on or passed away so the option of contacting them in hopes of restorative funding is not a viable one.  The community must come together to save these objects and artifacts that make up the cultural landscapes that are Norfolk's historic municipal cemeteries. Your donation goes directly to active, ongoing conservation and advocacy efforts.  

Your donation helps the Norfolk Society for Cemetery Conservation pay for the following:

  • Cost of professional assessment of restorations 
  • Appropriate materials to repair broken artifacts
  • Professional stone mason & contractor fees
  • Equipment to lift & move heavier monuments      
  • Tools, gloves, & safety apparel for volunteers