Preserving, protecting, & promoting Norfolk's historic cemeteries.


The mission of the Norfolk Society for Cemetery Conservation (NSCC) a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization, is to preserve, protect and promote the eight historic municipal cemeteries located in Norfolk, Virginia through conservation, education and advocacy. NSCC partners with The City of Norfolk's Bureau of Cemeteries to move this mission forward. 

Fundraising for conservation efforts are done throughout the year through historic cemetery tours, the Cemeteriescape Photo Contest and the From Here to Eternity Twilight 5k. 100% of all proceeds from these events and individual donations go to supplies, operations and volunteer support. The community can contribute to this very worthy cause by becoming a NSCC member, volunteering and or donating!

The Norfolk Society for Cemetery Conservation (NSCC) was established in 2013 to facilitate active conservation of Norfolk's historic municipal cemeteries via a public/private partnership with the Norfolk Bureau of Cemeteries Cultural Resource Management program. The City of Norfolk owns and operates eight cemeteries totaling more than 350 acres of green space in an urban environment.  These cemeteries represent the social, political, cultural and military history of our great city. Four of the eight historic municipal cemeteries (Cedar Grove, Elmwood, West Point, and Calvary) are in need of immediate conservation. Presently, the monuments, mausoleums, tombs and sculptures that define the character & historic value of these cemeteries are disappearing as a result of vandalism, weathering, & the ravages of time. These sacred spaces are valuable artistic, educational, cultural and recreational resources for our community. 

The City of Norfolk considers these cultural artifacts to be private property so it is up to the descendants of the deceased to care for the family burial plot. Unfortunately, a majority of families have either passed on or moved away. Therefore, it is critical that the community comes together to conserve our collective history and the legacies of those who came before us. Otherwise, these unique and beautiful places of peace and serenity will be lost.  

Founding Members

Linda Armstrong

Donna Bluemink

Anne-Taylor Cahill

Cathy Credle

Fannie Fulcher-Jones

Robert Hitchings

Bobby Hughes, Vice President

Joyce Munden, Secretary

Bobette Nelson

Pam Owens, President

Paul Sears, Treasurer

Charlotte Shepherd

Mark Snell

Current Officers
and Board Members

Diana Ramsey, President and Volunteer Committee Chair

David Cacace, Vice President

Michael Frost, Secretary

Donna Bluemink, Membership Committee Co-Chair

Jim Ramsey, M.D., Membership Committee Co-Chair

Tracy Halman

Henri Ellis

David Sullivan

Bob Garris

Cindy Meier

Andrew Roberts


John Dill, Chief Conservator

David Sullivan, Advisor

Contact NSCC

Diana Ramsey, President


Phone:  (757) 619-0540